Sim Works 4 Golden Saddle Cyclery Smog Cutter Handlebars!


A modern bar, for this modern world. We'll say, and y'all will agree! These are the greatest modern dropbars ever made for a bicycle! Period dot!

We had these made with Track Bikes and Single Speeds in mind, then we put them on our geared bikes and there was no going back. Hopefully you buy two, because this will be the last round of these bars ever made, and you are not gonna want to get back on your other bike after riding these.

**You wondering about sizing?** you go. If you are riding a standard road bike with 28c or less tires, I'd stick with the 48 no matter how tall or wide you are. I find that the 51 is perfect for a Single Speed with hoods(Road, Cyclocross, or Gravel), that you just want a little more leverage for climbing. I personally am riding the 51 on a strictly pavement Track Bike, and riding the 53 on my Tracklocross Bikes for more control and leverage for climbing short, steep, punchy stuff. I think many of y'all would prefer the 51 if you are coming from a 46 or narrower handlebar. If you are coming from a flat or riser, don't be scared, you'll love it. If you are taller than 6 foot, I'd personally ride the 53. Shit! I'm 5'7 and have multiple bikes with the 53 on them. Hope this helps, let me know if y'all have any more questions. Remember this is all my opinion, and every fitter in the world is probably so mad at all of us, but who cares, I don't. Measuring handlebars by your shoulder width is ridiculous. The only reason for narrow bars in most cases if for cutting through traffic, but if you learn to wheelie, you won't even have to worry about that.

Material : Heat Treated Aluminium
Width : 480mm and 530mm (C–C at ends)
Center diam. : 31.8mm
Bar diam. : 23.8mm
Reach : 78mm
Drop : 128mm
Weight : 366ish
Color : Ice Grey Anodized

**Choose Mexico for local pick up.**