Virgil Normal 4 Allez LA! Man Flap Cycling Cap!


Charlie from Virgil Normal hit us with this AMAZING Mudflap Man cap idea, and we were instantly in. Charlie wanted to shake up the idea of the Mudflap Lady a bit, by replacing her with a Bear! Charlie payed homage to the neighborhood that once housed Golden Saddle Cyclery, and all of us delinquents. But also wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the changes that are happening to Silver Lake. Many independent businesses like GSC, have been pushed out of the neighborhood for something more "desirable" over the last 10 years. One of those businesses was Circus Of Books, a gay pornagraphy bookstore that was a pillar in the LGBTQIA+ community for decades. The Allez LA! and Virgil Normal on the bill of the cap are in the Circus Of Books font that graced the bookstore here in Silver Lake for years. If y'all haven't seen the documentary Circus Of Books, directed by Rachel Mason, please go watch it!!!

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